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SNSPS, Yamuna Nagar 22-Oct-2022

Title: Sardar Dewan Singh Memorial Inter School English Debate


Sardar Dewan Singh Memorial Inter School English debate was organized at Sant Nischal Singh Public School on 22 October 2022. The August Presence of Dr. Rupinder Singh as the chief guest and Dr. Iqbal Kaur as the Presiding Authority accentuated the glory and grace of the event. The debate was designed in the rebuttal form to evaluate the elocution of participants in a more precise manner. All participants from different schools displayed a stupendous show of their oratory skills .The Nischalites made the audience spellbound by their eloquence and claimed coveted positions.
Arshbir Singh Chadha Class V Second
Sehajleen Kaur Class VIII Third
Ridhima Class IX First
Anshika Class Tenth Third
Aastika Madaan Class XI Third
The debate came to a conclusion with the highly motivating speech of Dr. Rupinder Singh in which he made the students comprehend the subtle difference between Argument and Debate. His illuminating address showered light on many objectives of Education in which one is to enter an ambit of Self-introspection and Self-analysis making oneself realize the purpose of life. The event proved to be an exhilarating and enlightening experience to everyone present in the arena.

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