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SNSPS, Yamuna Nagar 21-Oct-2022

Title: Bhai Sardar Singh Memorial Inter School Hindi Declamation


Bhai Sardar Singh Memorial Inter School Hindi Declamation was organized at Sant Nischal Singh Public School on 21 October 2022. The August Presence of Dr Waryam Singh Ji as the chief guest and Sardar Davinder Singh Bhatia as the presiding authority accentuated the glory and grace of the event. All participants from various schools displayed a stupendous show of their speaking skills. The Nischalites Aastika Madaan and Kartik Srivastava made the audience spellbound by their eloquence and claimed First prize in Group IV (XI-XII) and Group -l (lV-V) respectively. The Declamation came to a conclusion with the highly motivating speech of Dr. Rupinder Singh in which he sensitized the students about Road Safety, Women Empowerment and the Importance of being an Alert and Attentive listener. He emphasized on the importance of experiential learning in order to make the process of learning more vivid and vibrant.

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