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Sri Krishna Museum Kurukshetra 08-Oct-2022

Title: Extra Outdoor Fun-filled Excursions


Students' journey through an academic session is incomplete without some extra outdoor fun-filled excursions. These programs rejuvenate the learners and energies them after ongoing academic training.
Trailing this vision two excursion trips were organized by Sant Nischal Singh Public School, Yamunanagar for junior classes on October 8, 2022. Students of Class 3 ravelled the glimpses of rich and resplendent Heritage of India at Sri Krishna Museum Kurukshetra while students of Classes 4 and 5 got their adrenaline rush through an Adventure Camp at Rocksport Rajpura. Earnest efforts were made to make the trips promisingly illuminating and informative. Headmistress Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur said that Sant Nischal Singh Public School has earned an unparalleled repute in terms of equipping learning curriculum with vast array of activities across the district. She added this kind of eclectic approach towards learning is only materialized because of getting wholehearted support and motivation from the school management.

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